Rotary Residential College was opened originally for country students who wanted to attend State Government schools in the metropolitan area, however we have accepted students over the years who have attended private school if we have rooms available. We have housed students that have attended 18 different High Schools in the metropolitan area over the years. A majority of our students over the years have attended Kent Street Senior High School and Como Secondary College because of the specialist courses on offer and the close proximity to the college. Principals from both the Kent Street Senior High School and Como Secondary College are currently Board Members of the Rotary Residential College. Over the years we have had a strong relationship with both schools and we look forward to this continuing in the future.

Below are a list of schools our students currently attend.

” The Rotary Residential College opens up a world of opportunities for country high school students. We feel the students benefit from the family atmosphere created at the college ”

Troy Steven - Management