The Bedrooms


All students at Rotary Residential College have the privilege of having there own private rooms with en suite bathroom. This means they can enjoy their privacy and personalise their room with precious photographs of family and friends. Students are also responsible for keeping their rooms and bathrooms neat and tidy. Room checks by staff will take place 3 times a week to ensure this happens. The College has also recently renovated 64 bathrooms with the results outstanding. 

There are 6 separate blocks at Rotary Residential College with each block consisting of 15 – 17 rooms. All our boarders are encouraged to make their space ‘their own’, by decorating item with personal items that mean something to them. This encourages independence and personal growth, whilst allowing the boarders to remain in close proximity to their friends and support networks.

” The Rotary Residential College opens up a world of opportunities for country high school students. We feel the students benefit from the family atmosphere created at the college ”

Troy Steven - Management